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Course Information

Receptive Music Therapy Workshop #2


at The Treacy Centre

126 The Avenue, Parkville.


24th August 2024, 9:30am – 3:30pm


Continuing on from Workshop #1, this workshop will cover three more areas of receptive MT practice. It is a stand-alone workshop – you do not need to have completed workshop #1.

  • Music and relaxation across the life span

  • The Heroic Journey

  • Song sharing for individuals and groups.


Cost is $250, which includes catering for the day (morning and afternoon teas + lunch).


Music and relaxation

Relaxation essentials include a conducive environment, voice tone and pacing.

Relaxation scripts differ across the age-span as they need to be age specific.  In addition, relaxation scripts differ according to the intention, particularly the level of depth you believe is appropriate for the person. 

Selecting music is likewise dependant on what is the intention of the relaxation.

These aspects will be explored across the life span, from young children to aged and palliative care.


The Heroic Journey (experiential)

This experiential session introduces the Heroic Journey as a metaphor for life experience – setting out on a journey, gathering friends and allies, meeting challenges, facing the dragon, the nadir (the lowest point of the journey), finding resilience to reach the goal, and bringing back the gift for the community.  The Heroic journey will be matched with music to enhance your experience.


Song sharing for individual and groups

Aka Song discussion and lyric analysis

A powerful method to explore the meaning of a person’s/group’s favourite song.

Lyric analysis often leads to discussion about the message of the song and whether statements in the song are agreeable or not to the individual/group.



If you attended Receptive Music Therapy Workshop #1, you do not need to fill out the application form again.  If you didn’t attend the first workshop, please complete the short Application Form with contact details.


Applications close: Saturday August 17th, 2024.



When you apply, please deposit a $50 fee to hold your place, and put your name in the Description Box.

Payable to:

Avalon GIM Training

BSB: 733-033 (WPC)

Account number: 591562

*Balance of $200 to be paid by Saturday August 24th, 2024.

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