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Avalon Training Philosophy

Avalon GIM Training (Australia) offers training across the spectrum of Music & Imagery approaches, including individual and group applications, through to advanced training in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music (GIM).

The Bonny Method of GIM is an evidenced-based practice that has been trialled in a range of clinical settings for diverse health-related conditions. The theoretical bases are informed by humanistic, psychodynamic, existential, spiritual, Jungian and mindfulness models.


The philosophy of training is based on a collaborative, participatory approach, where learning is a shared responsibility between trainers and trainees and is closely related to trainee’s existing practice. Learning is enhanced through the trainees’ presentations of their case material, as well as through personal sessions and supervision. Trainees are encouraged to gain a wide range of experiences as GIM therapists.


The course is recognised by the Association for Music and Imagery in the US and graduates are eligible to apply for Fellowship with AMI (FAMI) on completion of the three levels of training. The course is also recognized by the Music and Imagery Association of Australia and graduates are eligible to apply for Registration as GIM therapists (RGIMT) on completion of the program.


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