Structure of Training

Structure of the Three-Tier Training in Music & Imagery and the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music

LEVEL 1 (MUSIC & IMAGERY – GIM INTRODUCTORY TRAINING) is a 5-day residential intensive program over 30 instructional hours that covers the spectrum of Music & Imagery in clinical and non-clinical practice, including applications for children, young people, adult clients with health-related conditions and adults seeking personal growth. The course introduces trainees to individual and group music & imagery, the core elements of the Bonny Method of GIM, and three of Helen Bonny’s music programs, experienced both as a guide and as a traveller.


At the end of the level 1 module, therapists can use Music & Imagery with individuals and groups in their existing practice. If continuing to level 2, trainees conduct 10 Bonny Method GIM sessions with friends or colleagues.

Level 1 Training Re-scheduled October 23-28, 2020

The Level 1 Training will be held at Country Place, Kalorama, Melbourne.
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LEVEL 2 (INTERMEDIATE TRAINING) is a 6-7 day residential intensive program of 50 instructional hours, that introduces the theoretical bases on which the Bonny Method of GIM is based, including mental imagery and symbolism, spiritual and transpersonal dimensions, and applications across the life span. Five music programs devised by Helen Bonny are experienced both as a guide and as a traveller. Ethics and Standards of Practice are covered.



The course structure over 2 years includes:

a) A series of six 3-day intensive seminars comprising didactic teaching, group discussion, group supervision and group experiential work. In the intervening months between seminars, trainees conduct client sessions, receive supervision, read set texts and complete written assignment work.


b) Client Sessions: 75 sessions are required; the majority of these (50) must be full Bonny Method sessions (approx. 2 hours in length). 25 may be shortened Bonny Method sessions or group GIM sessions. Trainees complete a summary form of each session for use in supervision and presentations at seminars. Trainees also maintain a log of sessions.


c) Supervision

Fifteen supervisions are required. These are mainly audio-recorded sessions with Skype or telephone supervision post session, or where possible, on-site supervisions. Trainees must have one supervision per 5 sessions given.


d) A minimum 15 personal experiential sessions of GIM are required. These sessions are conducted by a qualified GIM practitioner holding Registration with MIAA or AMI. At least 10 of these sessions must be given by the same therapist. Trainees are encouraged to have more than the 15 required sessions.

e) Case consultations. Each trainee presents case material at seminars 2-6, with peer discussion and feedback. At least one case presentation must be a series of 10 sessions.

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